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Single-Layer Seat Cushion Insert


SKYDEX Inserts fill the gap between 'foam-only' cushions and mechanical suspension seats and are easily integrated into ANY marine seat cushion from 'jockey-style' seating on RIBS and open boats to 'truck-style' seating in cabins and wheelhouses. 

Our single-layer material is a low profile solution for increased durability and impact protection. The material offers improved protection for non-suspension seating and enhances the performance of suspension seats.

For purchases of quantities greater than 9 units or to set up alternative payment methods please email

Superior Impact Protection - Engineered to mitigate impact energy
Enhanced Comfort Over Life-Cycle - Resilient, multi-impact performance
Absorbs More Impact in Less Space - Lightweight, low profile design
Unbeatable Durability - Product life-cycle of 10+ years
Proven Performance in the Marine Environment - Long lasting performance, does not absorb water
Simple Integration - Easily enhance the performance of any seat
Product Dimensions: 18 in x 46 in x 1 in (46cm x 117 cm x 25mm)