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Convoy Deck

SKYDEX Convoy Deck is a high performance blast mat product line that uses unique, patented, energy-absorbing geometries to reduce tibia loads during underbody vehicle blast events, reducing the chances of lower-limb injury and increasing vehicle blast event survivability. Our products meet STANAG 4569 and have been proven to withstand the toughest military environments.

SKYDEX Convoy Deck maximized your performance and survivability through:

  • Reduced max tibia loads
  • Low profile design for minimal impact on vehicle ergonomics
  • Quick rebounding that allows for impact protection during slam down
  • Multi-impact capability
Meets STANAG 4569
Durable, long lasting, AND low maintenance materials
Low risk, fast delivery - COTS item
Meets FMVSS302 and Environmental Requirements of M67854-11-R-5012
Easy integration with no design change to host vehicle required