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Knee Pads Standard Duty


Protecting Things That Matter®

With a lightweight and low profile design, the SKYDEX Knee Pads Standard Duty are engineered to move with you through the roughest environments. The outer shell provides durability and protection in a flexible design and the core of the knee pad features SKYDEX's patented impact mitigating technology. Engineered to offer maximum shock absorption, the SKYDEX core offers long lasting durability, enduring multiple hits while consistently delivering the same peak performance through hundreds of thousands of impacts. 

SKYDEX Knee Pads Standard Duty are built for the elements. Unlike foam or other impact and cushioning alternatives, SKYDEX technology is resilient when exposed to nature's harsh elements in an easy to clean and breathable design. 

Superior impact protection with SKYDEX impact mitigating technology
Highly durable and flexible outer shell
Berry Compliant - Made in the USA
Quick release straps
One size fits all
Available colors in Black and Coyote Brown