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Protecting Things That Matter®

SKYDEX Helmet Pads provide unsurpassed impact protection and security for the user. Compatible with most ballistic helmets, our pads are easily washable, and perform well across a broad range of temperatures and demanding physical conditions. SKYDEX has fielded more than 750,000 kits to militaries and law enforcement worldwide.

Kit Contents: 7 Pads Only

NSN 8415015808235

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Price does not include shipping, VAT, GST or other taxes. For International purchases please contact SKYDEX sales at info@skydex.com or 1.866.732.7462.

Superior impact absorption across a wide range of temperatures
Less behind armor deformation than traditional foam
Moisture-wicking fabric with breathable interior components that keep heads cool and dry
Easy-to-wash, quick-drying pads
A slim design allowing more room for a comfort layer
Berry Amendment Compliant