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SKYDEX QUICK-Fit Boat Decking


Protecting Things That Matter®

SKYDEX QUICK-Fit Boat Decking is a high-performance decking product that uses patented SKYDEX energy-absorbing geometries to cushion impacts, absorb vibration and shock, and minimize potential for injury to crew due to wave slam in high-speed craft operations. Engineered for impact protection and manufactured specifically for marine use, SKYDEX has been the go-to decking solution for over a decade. 

Specification Per Sheet
1.5m length, 620mm Width, 18mm in thickness

Superior Shock Mitigation
High-Speed Impact Protection
Simple, In-field Installation
Whole-Body Vibration Reduction
Durable and Long-Lasting
Quick Fit
  • Quick Fit
  • Quick Fit EA Layer
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