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Sea Shocks


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SKYDEX Sea Shocks helm mat utilizes SKYDEX’s patented impact and cushioning technology to cushion your course through smooth sailing or the perfect storm. These anti-fatigue boat mats are engineered to handle a wide variety of boat speeds and conditions and are fit for one person to stand behind the helm or at their favorite fishing position. The mat is designed to offer a minimal amount of cushioning while standing, but then provide unbeatable impact absorption during repeated wave slam. After a day out on the water you’ll be thankful to have Sea Shocks aboard!

No installation is required to use your Sea Shock, unlike other helm mats where you have to drill into the boat’s deck or use an adhesive that can leave behind a tough to clean residue. Weighing in at 10 pounds, the Sea Shocks mat stays in place under its own weight and can be easily moved around the deck.

A great gift for any avid boater or fisherman in your life, or simply an investment in yourself to cure aching legs, sore knees and a tired back - Feel better on the water with SKYDEX Sea Shocks!

Shipping & Returns Policy

Price does not include shipping, VAT, GST or other taxes. For International purchases please contact SKYDEX sales at or 1.866.732.7462.

Please review our Owners Manual to ensure proper care and maintenance of your mat at the link below "Download Technical Data Sheet."

Removable SKYDEX anti-fatigue core for superior shock and impact protection and hassle-free cleaning.
No installation required! The helm mat weighs 10lbs and stays in place under its own weight.
Soft side edges are more forgiving on bare feet and ankles with a textured top surface for better grip and durability.
Weighted base to prevent fly-away and sliding.
Product Dimensions: 17.25 x 32.25 x 1.5"