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Maximum Series

SKYDEX Boat Deck is a complete high-performance boat decking product line that uses patented energy-absorbing geometries to cushion impacts, absorb vibration and shock, and minimize the potential for injury to crew due to wave slam in high-speed craft operations

The Maximum Series is our thinnest and lightest decking product that offers superior impact protection from repetitive wave shock and features our Crescent-top, multi-direction grip non-slip top surface.


Easily customize your helm protection with our helm mats featuring smooth transition edging. Email our boating specialist at and we will provide you a custom quote to fit your helm area.  


SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Boat Decking is a proven solution to combat pain and fatigue experienced on the water. Our team of boating specialists works with you to install our protective decking solution for optimal coverage on your craft. Contact Us today to discuss your project.

Shock mitigation and impact absorption
Durable and field proven product
Stable under foot
Vibration absorption
Self-draining and anti-slip
Resistant to chemical damage and UV
Customizable sizing with transition edging
Impact Mitigating Boat Decking M20
  • Impact Mitigating Boat Decking M20
  • M20 Boat Decking